Training as a goldsmith in Copenhagen, Kia gained an understaning of the movements and shapes of the body in relation to jewellery. This notion of designing for the body has followed her into the rest of her design practise.



The only decorations in the ‘Transitions’ collection are the transitions between silver and gold either in a gradient or by a lock.



Inspired by childhood super villain Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, this hand piece opens up when the hand closes.


Mega rings

Elegant, simple shapes hand crafted in polished sterling silver. Despite the large sizes the rings are adjusted to the physiology of the fingers and fit the hand perfectly.


Danish Open Sandwich

Jewellery collection made for Danish designer Nicholas Nybro Jensen's graduation show from The Danish Design School, 2009. The collection is inspired by classic Danish open sandwiches and the jewellery is the garniture. The pieces are made of Baltic amber and 925 silver.


early jewellery

Jewellery made while in training as a goldsmith.